TOP 5 Excuses that Will Make You Fail

by Edy

Over the years, I have found TOP 5 excuses that personally made me fail in Online Business.

I have been through them, and I thought to myself maybe you did it too, but you have no idea How bad it is to just let this keep happening all over again.

So my purpose here is that I want you to AVOID these 5 Excuses!

Excuse #1: I Don't Have Money to Get Started

This is the most common excuse for beginners to get started in Online Business or any money making opportunity in general.

Now I understand IF the investment is expensive, you will need to consider it properly before making any move.

In the past, I was on the fence to join a direct selling opportunity in Traveling sector.

The company was called Worldventures. At that time, I was 18 and didn't have any credit card with me.

So I was thinking for about 1 full week to GO ALL IN.

And I actually did. I went down to a local Bank, and made my first Debit Card just to spend on the life changing opportunity.

Long story short, I didn't enjoy the process and decided to quit.

From there, I started to learn Affiliate Marketing where we can make money by promoting other people product. This is by far my best chance to build passive income for myself and enjoy Entrepreneur Lifestyle.

At first, I bumped into a program that hard selling high tickets products that cost $x,xxx up to $xx,xxx.

I really had no money for it. Although I can work my butt off in a day job, but it was just NOT right for me. So I skipped it because I KNOW there are better & cheaper ways to succeed.

​Eventually, I found Wealthy Affiliate which a platform for Affiliate Marketing training, tool, support & community.

I was blown away to discover that it's free to taste without credit card required.

It is unheard of in my life that such program exists. Because usually, there are so many deceitful companies out there that they say it is free, but once you put your credit card number into the system, they start charging you. This also happens when you cancel the service. What a jerk!

​So Wealthy Affiliate really stands out from other platforms. The owners are also genuinely helpful. They don't hard selling you their stuff and never hype you up.

The monthly fee for Premium Account also is reasonable which is $47/mo. To me it is a very good deal since you get everything in one place. Training, Tool, & Support.

To be honest, I saved $1 -$2 per day just to invest into my Affiliate Marketing education. Everyday I try not to buy drink, and bring my own bottle from home. At the end of the month, I always have $30 -$60 extra for Online Business. 🙂

The key point here: YOU MUST understand your situation. What kind of money you can come up with, and HOW MUCH you are willing to invest into your business opportunity.

Do your math, and you should eliminate this excuse!​

Excuse #2: I Don't Have Enough Time in A Day​

When people tell me that they don't have time for an online business. I say bullshit! (of course not in front of them)

Truth is..We all have the same 24 hours a day.

Both you & I have the same 24 hours per day.

The only time that is worth spending is 

  • Sleeping​ ( avg. 8 hours/day)
  • Eating ( avg. 1 hour per day)
  • And lastly, making money to survive! ( avg. 9 hours per day)

So you have 6 hours left. What do you do with it is the REAL issue here.

For me personally, I never judge my Online Business with the hour I put in.

I simply want to do it. That's it.

I try my very best to squeeze the knowledge whenever possible.

​Now the secret to eliminate this excuse it to PLACE your business in the TOP 3 Priority list.

Which is after sleep and food. Next should be your business! Or maybe after your day job will do just fine. 🙂

Excuse #3: I Will "Do This" After ...

Have you told yourself that you will do a certain task after specific event?

​For example:

I will "Do This" after New year.

Or I will "Do This" After I get paid.

Or I will "Do This" after I am married..

Or I will "Do This" after Christmas..

​Being an Entrepreneur, you will face this kind of mentality because there is no Boss to control you.

And if you are currently in this situation, you need to get out as soon as possible.

The work ethic is BAD. You must not wait to do your tasks. Success certainly won't wait for you.

The longer you postpone something and make excuses, the longer you will succeed too!

Don't get me wrong, I was guilty of it. I kept saying to myself that I will do this, do that after new year. But​ it never happens. I never become more productive by postponing the action that should be taken Today or A.S.A.P.

To combat this type of excuse. You just need to say f**k it, I'm doing it!

FORCE yourself to perform the action.

Success is not easy. Making a lot of money is not easy. It takes hardcore practice and balls of steel to see the light.

And believe me my friend. Once you are at the top, everything you have done is well worth it.

Excuse #4: I Am Not Good Enough​

Yes you are good.



and YES!

Do you know the different between people who made it online vs. those who don't?

The one who do, they BELIEVE in themselves.

There is no secret. You have to become an authority/expert in your area. And help people. That's how you build a sustainable business.

​I always see people who are not confident in their Niche. For example Weight Loss topic. They say their body is not good enough to teach people How to lose weight.

Or in Wealth Topic.. You might say that you are not a millionaire, so you can't teach people how to make money.


It doesn't matter how much you know about a certain topic. It is how much you willing to help people out there and solve their problems.

It's funny. People will actually like you if you are somewhat at the same level as they are. And if you have similar story that can connect YOU with your audience, that is when the magic happen.

I am talking about $$$ Magic!

​Let say your story was about being single in your 20's. And then, you have finally found the "perfect one".

Now what you can do.. Just leverage that story!

Tell them how it went.

What happened? What tips can you give to people? After that, what kind of product that is suitable for the situation. Sell it! Or become an affiliate and earn commission.

This is HOW it works.

And it applies to ALL topic you can think of. ​ (Make Money, Dating, Weight Loss, Skin Care, Gaming, Entertainment, Music, and 1000's of other niches)

​So what experience do you have?

Start sharing it to people and help them. It doesn't have to be perfect, just give what you know!

Remember. You are not an expert now, but as time goes on and you care about your audience, you will learn more stuff in that particular area. Eventually, you are that expert who provides solution to other people's problem and make a ton of money at the same time.

Excuse #5: No One Helps Me, So I Am Stuck!

​By nature, we are programmed to follow instructions whether it be from teachers or parents.

In Business world, you have to start taking action on your own.

No one is going to baby-sit you to become Wealthy.

But don't worry. Because it is not hard to get unstuck.

Just ask yourself this:

"Why am I not moving forward?".

Then, THINK of ways to solve it.

My special weapon would always be going to Google. As you know, Google is a search engine. You can search almost anything in there, and it spits out Millions of solution from people who know their stuff.

​Apart from Google, you can also use Youtube to find helpful videos for your problem.

Although it sounds simple. You won't believe how many people would rather give up their hopes than to find the answer on the internet.​

To fight this last Excuse, you must change your way of thinking.

Always ask yourself "How can I solve this".

If you wanted to become Wealthy, you will face a lot of obstacles for sure. Just solve it as soon as possible. Don't let the problems accumulate.

The faster you get the issue fixed, the faster you reach your goal.

​And it goes back to your Goal. What is it that make you wanted to do Online Business?

Financial Freedom?

Time Freedom?​

Or you simply want Respect from people around you?

​Whatever it is. Keep them in your head, and believe that NOTHING WILL STOP YOU!


So now you know the Top 5 Excuses that will make you fail:

​1. I Don't Have Money to Get Started

The Fix: Know your number. Can you afford investing $$$ per month into your business? If let say you lose it all with no return, is it okay?

2. ​I Don't Have Enough Time in A Day

The Fix: Be Honest. What is your current top 3 priority? Just eliminate things that don't matter to your future!​

3. I Will "Do This" After..

The Fix: Success will not be there waiting for you. You need to start your smallest acts NOW.​ The longer you wait, the more money you're leaving on the table!

4. ​I Am Not Good Enough

The Fix: Nobody is born to be good at something.​ It takes your personal interests combined with constant practice that you will become an expert in a specific area. Also.. You need to think and act as one, to become one.​

5. No One Helps Me, So I Am Stuck.

The Fix: Stop thinking that you are stuck. The solution to the problem can now be found easily online. Google it or watch Youtube videos about the issue that you have.​

That's all from me guys and girls. I hope you can relate from my content here. Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below if so.

Cheers to your success,

Edy Chandra​

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