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I have built this website to help people like you SUCCEED in this Online Marketing venture.


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Over the years, there are so many things that have taught me about business in general, and I would love to share them to you.



The Story of Wealthy Engineer

Now you might ask me this question.. Edy! Why did you name your website “Wealthy Engineer”

The story behind it, is that I used to major in Engineering during College.


But soon I realized that my life was not meant for this career, so I left it behind, and pursue my next dream which happens to be a Wealthy person!


It’s funny.

I didn’t think about being Wealthy when I was young. NOT AT ALL.

In fact, I thought that Rich people are those arrogant and bad human beings.

You know.. The ones that are shown in Movies.


But the real truth is.. Wealthy people are humble and caring.

I knew this because I have met some of them face-to-face.


At the end of the day, being Wealthy meaning you:

  • Have more time freedom with your loved ones.
  • Work to build something that can be passed to your own children.
  • Provide job opportunities for people to work with you.


Wealthy people are also called Entrepreneurs.



What YOU Will Get Here

I promise myself to give absolutely everyone information that can help them grow their business.

From experience, I know how challenging it is going through Online Marketing without proper guidance.

That’s why I am here to help you every step of the way.


If you ever need an idea with your Marketing campaign or Business in general, feel free to check out my content in this site.

I guarantee you, they are valuable and can be implemented directly into your online business!


I look forward to connect with you.




Edy Chandra

edy chandra

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